Sunday, 22 January 2017

Review of 2016 Goals

goals review

I should have done this earlier but better late than never. Happy new year to you all. May this year be filled with pleasant surprises for us. For the sake of accountability, let's see how well I did with my 2016 goals.

Length Retention: I retained 4 - 5 inches, but the length turned out to be useless. My ends were awful so I had to trim off most of the retained length. See here
Henna Treatments: I didn't keep up with the schedule at all. I did just 3 treatments throughout the year.
Daily Moisturising & Sealing: I was fairly consistent. Although there were days of only moisturising and no sealing. *coversface, LOL.
Protective Styling: I definitely did a lot more protective styles than ever before. I did over 16 protective styles, I couldn't even fit all into the collage. Lol

hair styles
2016 Protective Styles

Hair Challenges: I took part in two.
Exercise & Healthy Eating: I was only consistent with working out for the first half of the year. The second half was a huge fail. *bowsheadinshame. My eating habit though has improved greatly.
Hair Health: I don't think I did well on this, my hair got thicker and fuller but my ends were awful. I also experienced terrible breakage in the last few months of the year which is reason for the thin ends. I'm still investigating the cause of this

Wider Audience: I was able to get more Nigerian blog visitors.
Content: Not good. I had so many topics an drafts I never finished nor posted. I'm so sorry. I got busy and blogging sort of took the back seat. 
Giveaways: Another huge fail. I planned to do giveaway for my first bloggoversary, but I was so busy I even missed the date totally.

Expansion: I definitely sold a whole lot more hair care products. I also took the plunge and opened my salon. Glory to God, it's doing well.
Recipes/Formulations: I now have two new products; "Daily Hydrating Mist & All Natural Anti-Dandruff Hair Butter. 
Branding: I now have a logo and tagline *smiles

Thank you all for adding colour to my 2016, the views, comments, shares, patronage and support. I appreciate and love you all. Goals for 2017 coming up next.



  1. Congratulations on your achievements Bee especially on opening your salon and product range!! Would love to try them. Sorry about the breakage it's not nice especially after doing all those protective styles, Im sure this year will be much better

  2. Congratulations on your business growth! Girl blogging for fun is difficult enough to maintain, but when business merges it is super hard! So kudos to you for managing both - successfully! Ohhhhh the thin ends struggle is so real. I know this all too well - I'll be following to see how you bounce back from that!


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