Thursday, 29 December 2016

Texlax/Relaxer Update #4

Compliments of the season, trust you had a wonderful Christmas celebration. I did my last texlax touch for 2016, last week at 16 weeks post. I had yarn Senegalese twists installed and kept that in for two weeks. I had a touch-up prep. wash day 5 days before touch day. See here to read how I prepare my hair for the chemical treatment. Unfortunately, for this prep wash day I was out of Aphogee Two Step Protein treatment. I substituted that with ORS Hair Mayonnaise, a table spoon of Tropic Isle JBCO with Sage and 2 tablespoons of Braggs Liquid Aminos.

I followed my normal texlax routine. Deep conditioned with Organics Hair Mayonnaise + Motions Moisture Plus + Honey. I air-dried, then straightened my in approximately 1 inch sections at 180°C. Leave-in: African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Leave-in Conditioner
Sealant: HairvolutionbyBee Whipped Shea Butter
Heat Protectant: Fantasia IC Carrot Growth Serum
I've been dealing with breakage for the past few months. I still don't know exactly why, so I wasn't really expecting to retain length.

texlaxed hair

length check tshirt
Length check

As you can see, I actually retained length, my ends however, are in a very terrible state. My hair has grown into a very annoying thin "V". I guess you could say this is my first setback.


Cut off thin ends
Keep relaxer stretches to a maximum of 12/13 weeks
Ensure moisture-protein balance
Reduce hair manipulation by keeping protective styles simple (buns and wigs mostly).
Daily moisturising and sealing

Post-trim hair (I would cut off about 1.5 inches more soon)
I hope your ends fared better than mine this year. Kindly share tips you think could help me with my ends. Catch ya in the comments section.


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