Saturday, 27 August 2016

Big Announcement: HairvolutionbyBee Lounge Opening Soon

I'm so excited to let you all know that HairvolutionbyBee Lounge will be officially open for business on Monday, 29/08/2016. Since the start of healthy hair journey ( 2 years plus), I have been to a salon just once and it was not a fun experience. I did not like the way my hair was handled. Anyone on a hair journey around here would agree with me that most salons don't have much knowledge of healthy hair dos and don'ts. Most of them are only all about the lovely, gorgeous hair styles. Thankfully, great salons are springing up especially natural hair salons. Sadly, only ladies in cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt are enjoying this "luxury".

I started considering owning a healthy haircare salon about a year ago, because there wasn't any around me. I mentioned it briefly as one of my goals for this year, bit I was not super sure then. I finally took the plunge around March and got a place. Six months after, we are good to go and set for business. It has not exactly been an easy feat. Infact I have been super busy, more busy than I expected. And, that is why I haven't been posting so much. Apologies and I promise to catch up on that. It's been quite a journey and I've learnt a lot. There were times I wanted to quit, but my passion for healthy hair kept me going, I'm also not a quitter. Family and friends that believe in my cause also provided a great support system.

HairvolutionbyBee Lounge is a Hair/Beauty salon specialised in healthy hair care, styling and products for both natural and relaxed hair.

hair salon in ile-ife

Mission: To help everyone achieve their goals of having thick, long and healthy hair and scalp by nuturing damaged hair to health and maintaining healthy hair, while also giving necessary advice and guidance.

Vision: To be one of the leading healthy hair care providers in Nigeria.

Our stylists that have been tutored on healthy hair care practices in addition to their professional skills.

Services offered include:

  • Hair & Scalp treatments 
  • Protective styling (Crochet Braids, Braids, Ghana weaving, faux locs etc)
  • Cut/trim
  • Chemical services (Relaxer touch-up, colour)
  • Blow out, Straightening & Silk press
  • Natural hair styling  (Up dos, Two strand twists, Bantu knots, Finger/Comb coils) 
  • Ayurveda treatments  (Henna, Amla, Bentonite clay etc)
  • Sale of hair care products, tools and accessories

Contact Details
Address: Shop 6, Block 19, Shop 6, New Central Market, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile - Ife. Osun state.
Facebook: HairvolutionbyBee Lounge
Instagram: @hairvolutionbybeelounge
Twitter: @hairvolutionbyB

healthy hair salon

Ile-Ife salon

I believe this is great news for hairlistas inIle-Ife and its environs. Hopefully, the salon will also help a whole lot of people aware tIle-Ife and its environs. Hopefully, the salon will also help make a lot of people aware that, Nigerian hair can also be very long and healthy.

Wish me luck guys and hope to see you soon if you are in Ile-Ife.

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