Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hair Update

Hello ladies!
So long! This is a recap of what I have been doing to my hair for the past few weeks. I rocked the cute knotted updo for 2 weeks and had one washday in between. After two weeks I decided to give versatile crochet braid (that I can style in different ways) try. I did a protein treatment with Organics Hair Mayonnaise and followed with Hot oil treatment  (Grapeseed oil + Olive oil + peppermint oil).

I used a little less than a pack of bonny hair for the crochet braids. I left some hair around my perimeter and for middle and side parts. After installing the hair, I did not like it so much, because it was too prone to tangling and super huge. I blow-dried it to make it more manageable and improve the looks. It looked much better after blow-drying but still I could not let the hair down at all for fear of tangles.

braiding hair

crochet braids
After blow-drying
This defeated the purpose of the installing the hair, I wanted to be able to let it down and have it in a lovely ponytail. I had to resort to only updos for the two weeks I kept it in. Next time I try the versatile crochet braids, I will use X-pression braiding hair instead.

crochet braids with kanekalon hair
Some updos with the versatile crochet braids

I noticed unusual amount of breakage after taking the crochet braids out. :( I was ill for some days and I totally neglected my hair during this period, so I suspect this as the cause the breakage. I used Aphogee Keratin Two Minutes Reconstructor on my last wash day to keep the breakage in check. I have also decided to give my hair some TLC by going back to my wigging ways. :-).

curly wig
Love love my curly wig

What have you been up to with your hair? Remember, to get great results, you have to be consistent... 


The Wash Day Experience
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