Sunday, 27 September 2015

New healthy hair blogger alert!

Hello there!

Finally I'm here! So so so...My name is Bobola and I'm a naija (nigerian) hairlista. I started my healthy hair journey in May 2014. I had shoulder length hair but I was frustrated by the amount of breakage I was experiencing all over the bathroom floor that you have to sweep kind of breakage. So I started surfing the internet for solutions then bang!!! I found some nigerian healthy hair blogs. Lade of especially had me swooning like wah? it's possible for an African to gave waist length hair? Then I lapped all the info on her blog...every single article. I discovered a lot of bad hair practices that I was ignorantly guilty of. My eyes really opened but the major thing was a change of mindset. I realised Africans could also have long and healthy hair. Ever since I've had an insatiable hunger and thirst for all things healthy hair and I've taken charge of taking care of my hair. I really can't remember the last time I went to a salon. DIY all the way.

I decided to start my own blog for the following reasons:

  • For documentation - Keeping a blog would help me keep track of the things I'm doing to my hair, products and so on. Sometimes I have to think so hard to remember if it's been a month or not since I clarified. I tried keeping a dairy but I realised a blog would be better.
  • For accountability - There is something about knowing someone is/people are kind of with you. It sort of keeps you in check from slacking off or being lazy. A kind of motivation so to say
  • My journey/hair is unique - Although there are several healthy hair bloggers even in Nigeria. I realised that each person's journey is different and unique and there is always something new to learn.
  • A different demographic - When I started my hhj what really encouraged me was the fact that some Nigerians living in Nigeria were having a successful hhj. So I didn't feel alone, things such as availability of products didn't scare me. However I observed that most hair bloggers in nigeria are either in Lagos, Abuja or Port-Harcourt. Some newbies might easily chicken out thinking it is because they are in the big cities where they have better access to products and tools needed on a hhj. People in other cities even miss out on healthy hair meet-ups and other related programmes. I'm currently in Ibadan, Oyo state so it's high time we got something going on here as well *winks. Ladies outside the 3 cities I mentioned might be able to relate with my experiences And yea, you can also get a lot of products and tools here (will share more on that later)
So again here I am. looking forward to having loads of fun on here. mwwuaaah!

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