Monday, 30 January 2017

Recap: First Healthy Hair Meetup, O.A.U. Ife

We had a lovely time last Saturday. It was really fun and awesome. I'm already looking forward to the next one and I know I'm not alone. Feast your eyes on the photos to get a feel of what we enjoyed.

AfrobyNature Stand 

HairvolutionbyBee Lounge Stand
Laide Ademulegun (C.E.O. AfrobyNature) passionately talking about "Basics of Healthy Haircare & How to Choose Products")
Moradeun Balogun moderating, she made sure everyone got involved.

The winner of the haircare quiz "Adebola" excited about her length check t-shirt prize. (She got 9 out 10 questions right)

Product testing ( AfrobyNature Curl Maker)
Product testing/Wash day Demo on a volunteer 

Laide Ademulegun and I
Preaching it!. Lol. "Building a hair regimen" & "Debunking hair myths" 

Glimpse my "bow bun" hairstyle of the day, everyone loved it

Style Challenge (Group 2 won majorly based on creativity and time management, every member of the group got a sample-size AfrobyNature 2in1 Rinse out/Detangling Conditioner OR HairvolutionbyBee Whipped Shea Butter

Shopping time!!!

Still answering loads of questions even after the event ended

Styling Tutorial 1

Styling Tutorial 2

The feedback has been awesome, a lot of attendees have decided to start a healthy hair journey and others that are already on one gained more knowledge. Cheers! to a job well done; facilitators, volunteers and participants. Next one will be bigger and better. 


Friday, 27 January 2017

Hair Event: Healthy Hair Meetup, O.A.U./Ile-Ife.

I'm so excited!!! The past couple of weeks have been hectic but also very fun and exciting. Nothing beats being busy with something you love, really. Just in case you still don't know what I'm rambling about; the First edition of "Healthy Hair Meetup O.A.U./Ile-Ife for relaxed & natural hair", tomorrow, Saturday, 28th of January, 2017.
Time: 12 noon
Venue: SHG common room, SHG Hostel,                      Women's village,
               Obafemi Awolowo University,
This event is sponsored by AfrobyNature & HairvolutionbyBee Lounge.

Facilitators & Topics
Laide Ademulegun (C.E.O. AfrobyNature)
  • Basics of Healthy Hair Care
  • Choosing Your Hair Products: how to know what works.
'Bobola Alomoge (Owner, HairvolutionbyBee Lounge)
  • Building a Hair Regimen
  • Debunking Hair Myths

- Salon day out/ Demo
- Talks
- Free product testing
- Games
- Styling tutorials
- Raffle draw
- Shopping and so on.

Afrobynature is a natural  hair care brand founded by Laide Ademulegun. Formally established on Dec 2014 to educate individuals on effective hair grooming through our online platform and to provide quality and affordable natural hair care products ranging from natural hair cleansers, natural oils, stylers and conditioners.
The amazing testimonies from Our over 2000 customers has made this haircare journey worthwhile, and has been the major driving force behind our success story.
We present afrobynature to you, your affordable and quality natural hair care solutions provider.

HairvolutionbyBee Lounge is a Hair/Beauty salon specialised in healthy hair care, styling and products for both natural and relaxed hair. 

Mission: To help everyone achieve their goals of having thick, long and healthy hair and scalp by nuturing damaged hair to health and maintaining healthy hair, while also giving necessary advice and guidance.

Vision: To be one of the leading healthy hair care providers in Nigeria.

Our stylists that have been tutored on healthy hair care practices in addition to their professional skills.

Services offered include:

  • Hair & Scalp treatments 
  • Protective styling (Crochet Braids, Braids, Ghana weaving, faux locs etc)
  • Cut/trim
  • Chemical services (Relaxer touch-up, colour)
  • Blow out, Straightening & Silk press
  • Natural hair styling  (Up dos, Two strand twists, Bantu knots, Finger/Comb coils) 
  • Ayurveda treatments  (Henna, Amla, Bentonite clay etc)
  • Sale of hair care products, tools and accessories

Come let's have fun ladies!


Thursday, 26 January 2017

My Hair and Blog Goals for 2017

2017 goals

My goals for my hair and blog for this year are pretty simple. I've realised that the simpler the goals, the more attainable they are. So, let's jump right into it.

Health over length: No length goal for my hair this year, I simply want to attain and maintain healthy hair. I'm not so thrilled by length anymore. I've reached my initial goal of Bra Strap Length and even got to Mid-Back Length last year albeit with scraggly ends. So guys, brace up for a "scissors happy Bee".

To get my hair thick, full and super healthy, I'll be doing the following;

  • Always prepoo before using a shampoo (Cowash if I can't do a full wash day)
  • Wash and Deep Condition once a week (Protein treatments once a month)
  • Moisturise and seal daily or every other day.
  • Incorporate more Ayurveda treatments into my regimen (Henna, Clays)
  • Scalp oiling and massaging at least twice a week
  • Re-incorporate baggying and GHE (Green House Effect) into my regimen as needed 
  • Protective styling  (70% wigs)

At least 2 posts in a month.
One product review per month.
More DIY posts.

P.S.: I'll update this post if need be.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Review of 2016 Goals

goals review

I should have done this earlier but better late than never. Happy new year to you all. May this year be filled with pleasant surprises for us. For the sake of accountability, let's see how well I did with my 2016 goals.

Length Retention: I retained 4 - 5 inches, but the length turned out to be useless. My ends were awful so I had to trim off most of the retained length. See here
Henna Treatments: I didn't keep up with the schedule at all. I did just 3 treatments throughout the year.
Daily Moisturising & Sealing: I was fairly consistent. Although there were days of only moisturising and no sealing. *coversface, LOL.
Protective Styling: I definitely did a lot more protective styles than ever before. I did over 16 protective styles, I couldn't even fit all into the collage. Lol

hair styles
2016 Protective Styles

Hair Challenges: I took part in two.
Exercise & Healthy Eating: I was only consistent with working out for the first half of the year. The second half was a huge fail. *bowsheadinshame. My eating habit though has improved greatly.
Hair Health: I don't think I did well on this, my hair got thicker and fuller but my ends were awful. I also experienced terrible breakage in the last few months of the year which is reason for the thin ends. I'm still investigating the cause of this

Wider Audience: I was able to get more Nigerian blog visitors.
Content: Not good. I had so many topics an drafts I never finished nor posted. I'm so sorry. I got busy and blogging sort of took the back seat. 
Giveaways: Another huge fail. I planned to do giveaway for my first bloggoversary, but I was so busy I even missed the date totally.

Expansion: I definitely sold a whole lot more hair care products. I also took the plunge and opened my salon. Glory to God, it's doing well.
Recipes/Formulations: I now have two new products; "Daily Hydrating Mist & All Natural Anti-Dandruff Hair Butter. 
Branding: I now have a logo and tagline *smiles

Thank you all for adding colour to my 2016, the views, comments, shares, patronage and support. I appreciate and love you all. Goals for 2017 coming up next.


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