Monday, 26 September 2016

My Hair Length Progress So Far....

Hi guys, I didn't take a length check picture persay after my last texlax touch-up. This is because I'm waiting till December before straightening my hair. However, I've been doing "measurement length checks" and recording in my hair diary. I stretch out my hair in sections, record with a tape measure and record.


Check out the trend!
I retained roughly 2 inches from my 16-week stretch. I had less than in some sections though. Unfortunately, I lost a lot 0f the retained length because I didn't like the way my ends looked. My hair tends to grow into a "V" shape but I prefer U shape. I might just keep trimming my hair to maintaong it's current length. Nothing is set in stone yet though... fingers-crossed.

Relaxed hair
2 weeks before touch-up
Texlaxed hair
Post-trim Hair
That's all for now guys. How is your hair doing? Catch y'all soon


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Texlax/Relaxer Update #3

I texlaxed on Monday, 30/08/16 at 17 weeks and 3 days post. I prepared my hair the usual way, using aphogee two step protein treatment. See here, to read how I prepare my hair for texlax touch-up.

For the first time on my hhj, someone else did my texlax for me!!! I had my texlax touch done at HairvolutionbyBee Lounge by one of our stylists. And she did a very good job following all my prompts and instructions. Felt good really. Finally, a texlax day without the stress and arm-ache.

Steps followed:                                  
  • My hair was parted into 4 and detangled.
  • Petroleum jelly was applied to my previously relaxed hair to prevent over-processing from relaxer runoff during wash. Petroleum jelly was also applied to my hairline and top of my ears
  • About one-third of the jar of ORS lye relaxer was mixed with two tablespoons oof vegetable oil. Lol? yea, you read that right. I was out of olive oil which use normally. So i used good ol' vegetable oil from my kitchen.
  • The diluted relaxed was applied to my hair. Application and smoothing time (fingers only) was 12 minutes. I left it on for another 4 minutes. Making a total of 16 minutes.
  • The relaxer was rinsed out, and shampooed thrice with Vitale Olive Oil Neutralising Shampoo. The shampoo was left on for 4 minutes the third time before rinsing out.     
  • Deep conditioned for 15 minutes with heat, with a mix of ORS Replenishing Conditioner, Roux Porosity Control, and Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner.
  • Megagrowth Profectiv Daily Leave-in Strengthener was applied and sealed with HairvolutionbyBee Whipped Shea Butter.

My hair was then rolled with large rollers, I sat under the hooded dryer for a while but I didn't have the patience to sit till my hairgot dry. I simply combed out the curls and I was left with fairly straight hair.

This texlax was a very successful one, the vegetable oil was a good call after all. I love the texture I was left with.

how to texlax
Post-trim Hair
However, I observed I'm having an unusual amount of breakage. I'm trying not to freak out. I noticed about two weeks before my texlax touch-up but I believed the Aphogee two step protein treatment would keep it in check. Alas! I was wrong. I ended up trimming so much, I trimmed twice on texlax day, and once the following day. My plan is to give my hair some TLC and do a henna treatment which is long overdue.

I don't think I retained much length this stretch due to the thin ends which I had to trim (1.5 - 2 inches). I didn't really do a length check or comparison pictures because I didn't flat iron. However, I measured for my hair diary before trimming. I will do an update on that in another post.

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