Thursday, 31 March 2016

Simple Hair Regimen for Beginners (Relaxed or Natural)

The hair regimen below is simply a guideline. You can modify and tweak it to suit your hair and schedule. Ladies just starting their healthy hair journey especially should find this helpful.


  • Moisturise and seal
  • Sleep with your hair covered with a satin/silk cap, bonnet or scarf. Silk/ Satin pillowcase is also a cool alternative
  • Oil and massage your scalp (This could also be done just thrice a week)
Satin Scarf;  Source 
Satin Cap/Bonnet ; Source 


  • Prepoo/Hot oil treatment
  • Shampoo (preferably sulphate-free shampoo)
  • Deep Condition ( Moisturising deep conditioner or light protein deep conditioner)
  • Use leave-in conditioner
  • Detangle ( use wide-toothed comb)
  • Air dry and style

hair tool


  • Clarify
  • Protein treatment  (Medium)
  • Dust your ends (cut 0.5 inches or less)

  • Hard protein treatment
  • Relaxer/Texlax touch-up for ladies with relaxed or texlaxed hair
      *relaxer/texlax touch-ups should be at least 12 weeks apart
  • Hair trimming (0.5 inches or more)
It is important to keep your hair regimen as simple as possible. This will make it easier for you to be consistent. As you continue on your hair journey, you will get to understand your hair better. You can then incorporate things like tea rinses, co- washing etc. Better knowledge of your hair can also affect your hair regimen scheduling. For example, I have met ladies that discovered their hair thrives better when they wash less often (about once in 3 weeks. Some other wash their hair about twice a week.

What is your hair regimen like?


Thursday, 24 March 2016

Henna Washday - #WashDayExperience

My last washday was also my henna day. 
Here is a brief recap:

I used Nupur Henna this time unlike the unbranded one I've been using. I got Nupur Henna from Sizzelle @ N800. I decided to try it because of the 8 additional herbs it has in it. I mixed and prepared the whole satchet the same way I did here

While waiting for dye release, I prepooed with V05 Herbal Escapes Sun Kissed Raspberry with Chamomile Extract Balancing Conditioner + A tablespoon of Tropic Isle JBCO (Rosemary) + A tablespoon Estella Pride Vegetable Glycerin + A tablespoon Now Foods Grapeseed Oil + drops of peppermint oil.

My Pre-poo Mix 

It was also the washday for clarifying, so I washed with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo, lathered twice. I had the intention of doing a last lather with Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine Sulphate-free Shampoo to restore some moisture. However, I got lazy and decided not to. Lol

I wrapped my hair in a cotton tshirt to absorb some moisture while I got my henna mix ready. I added Estella Pride Vegetable Glycerin and some Grapeseed Oil (I didn't measure just gauged), mixed it up till it was smooth. 

I put on an old tshirt, applied vaseline around the perimeter of my hair and snapped on my gloves. I applied the henna mix using my method of starting in the middle and rolling into a bun until I have a huge bun. I especially love this method because it keeps the henna from drying out and becoming crumbly, it's less messy, it keeps henna off my neck and face since no hair is hanging down. 

I left the henna in for about 4 hours and rinsed it out quite easily. I used cowashed with V05 Herbal Escapes Sun Kissed Raspberry with Chamomile Extract Balancing Conditioner till the rinse water ran clear. 

I tshirt-dried and applied Aussie 3 Minutes Miracle Deep Conditioner to my hair. It was quite late (I started the whole process around 1 pm in the afternoon) and I was exhausted. Hence, I deep conditioned overnight.

I rinsed the following morning with cold water and tshirt-dried. My hair felt soooo nice, strong yet soft. I kept running my fingers through. I'm in love with henna, really. 

I worked in small sections because I was 14 weeks post and tangles and knots are inevitable. I applied African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Leave-in Conditioner, sealed with Grapeseed Oil, finger - detangled  and blow-dried with cool air using tension method. After blow-drying, I applied a little Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Creamy Lotion to each section and detangled with my wide-toothed comb. Detangling wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. Yipee! I oiled my scalp and put my hair into 6 cornrows and under the wig they went.

leave-in conditioner
hair moisturiser

I had a couple of knots and few tangles but nothing my fingers couldn't tackle. I didn't even need to grab my Mane n Tail Detangler. I'm getting better at this relaxer stretching game. Normally, relaxer touch-up day would be anytime soon but I think I'll keep going as far as my hair can take it. I had this washday last week, so I'm currently 15 weeks post.

texlaxed hair
Detangled Hair

short wig
Still rocking my short wig!

I will definitely use Nupur Henna again. I loved the results. What's your favourite henna brand?

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The Wash Day Experience

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Wura's Secret Hair Growth Challenge

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I'm excited, new challenge alert!


I just joined Tonkabelle of Wura's Secret Hair's "The New Beginnings Hair Growth Challenge". I like love challenges because they push one to do more, encourage consistency, accountability and eventually lead to great results (in thickness, length and health). Some times you also get to win prizes. *winks*. In this case, Tonkabelle has a prize for Lagos residents.

Below are the rules of the challenge. You can also check the rules and details here

Start the challenge with a trim, the amount of hair you choose to trim off depends on you. After that keep trimming at the barest minimum, avoid it if possible if you must trim then dusting of the hair is preferable. Dusting is where such a small amount of hair is trimmed that it falls through the air like dust. (I will be sure to do a future post on dusting and trimming) (If you have recently had a trim done no need to trim again for the challenge)

Wash and condition your hair every one or two weeks, you need to be consistent.

Do a pre-shampoo or hot oil treatment before washing and conditioning your hair (optional)

Moisturise and seal your hair daily. (or every other day if this suits you better)

Oil your scalp every day with a growth aid of your choice such as Wura’s Secret Hair Growth Oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and so on .

Keep your hair in buns, french twists, wigs and other protective styles to retain length at least 5 times a week. (You can do longer term protective styles such as weaves, braids. Just be sure to take the style down latest after three weeks - a month to wash/condition. Moisturise/seal and oil the scalp as often as you can - if your hair is in a weave try to go under the tracks).

Try as much as possible to air dry your hair after shampooing and conditioning it. Do not use any form of direct heat to style your hair in the form of flat irons. If you must blow dry your hair make sure you use the lowest heat setting or better still the cool setting. Roller setting is permitted as it is a form of indirect heat.

If you are relaxed or texlaxed, stretch your relaxers to at least eight weeks.

I believe six months is plenty of time to achieve a substantial amount of hair growth.

Start Date:  14th March 2016 (However I am giving everyone a grace period of two weeks to participate by entering their comments below)

End Date:  14th September 2016

I will be following most of rules strictly, but will tweak some to suit my schedule. I joined NHCG's 2016 6 inches of Growth Challenge at the beginning of the year. This 6 months growth challenge should help keep me on track and give me great results for the year long challenge.

I can't do a proper length check for now till touch-up day. I'm not yet sure when that will be. I will make the do with the pictures taken on my last wash day. I'm hoping to achieve length but especially thickness with this challenge.

My Starting Picture
Have you joined this challenge? Are you currently on any other ones? If not, I'll encourage you to join this one.

Happy Growing !!!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Deep Conditioning Hacks: What makes my hair tick

If you follow the #WashDayExperience you would know the theme for this week is "deep conditioning hacks". So in this post, I will be  sharing some of the little tricks that I use to get the best out of my deep conditioning sessions even when I'm time-constrained.

Add humectants: Humectants draw in moisture from the atmosphere around you into your hair. Hence, they help keep your hair moisturised longer. I usually add them only to my protein (light/medium) deep conditioner to help with protein-moisture balance. In fact sometimes my hair is so soft that I don't need to follow up with a moisturising conditioner.


Add natural oils: Adding natural oils to deep conditioners is just the bomb! I almost always add oils to my deep conditioners. Even conditioners that don't seem to do anything to your hair can do a complete 360° turn and become awesome just by adding oils. Oils also increase the slip of your deep conditioner while you get additional benefits from the particular oil(s) added. My favourite oil additions are Jamaican Black Castor oil, Vitamin E oil, Peppermint oil and Tea Tree oil. These oils also help to take care of my scalp; no dandruff,no itching. 

Use heat: Deep conditioners are absorbedfaster and better when you use heat. I have a heat therapy wrap that I just pop into the microwave for about a minute, and the heat lasts for about 30 - 45 minutes. I have a hooded dryer but I hardly ever use it. I just can't bear sitting in a spot for so long plus the heat from the dryer also makes me sweat. I also use a clingfilm to wrap my hair first. It's very secure and I believe it traps heat better. However, don't fret if you don't have any heat/power source for your deep conditioning session, good old body heat will do. It only takes a longer period; about 1 hour . You can make your body heat up faster by using the  opportunity to work out or doing some chores.

Easy deep conditioning
Hair Therapy Wrap 

Deep condition dry hair: Oh yes you read right. I do this to save time and it reduces my washday duration by more than half. I basically turn the pre-poo step to the deep conditioning step and after washing I use rinse-out conditioner and that's it . The only reason I started doingthis was to save time but I discovered my hair also loves it. It soaks up all the goodness from the deep conditioner and feels very soft after washing.

Mix it Up!: I love using up deep conditioners that are just "bleh" on my hair by mixing them up with the ones that are awesome. Mixing two or more deep conditioners also helps when your are not so sure if your hair needs protein or moisture. It is a good way to ensure protein-moisture balance. All you do is mix up your protein and moisture deep conditioners. Note that you should not do this with hard protein treatments. 

P.S: my hair also loves it when I deep condition overnight but this should be done with caution to avoid moisture - overload. 

So ladies, do we have any deep conditioning hacks in common? I would love to hear from you, please share your deep conditioning tips.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Hair Products Haul - March, 2016

This post will be a pretty short one. I just want to share my recent buys and what I will be using them for with you.

Left to right as pictured  (Products bought on
  • ORS Replenishing Conditioner (1,700)  - My staple mild protein / balancing deep conditioner. 
  • Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Moisturising Curl Activator Cream (₦2,400) - I'm trying it for the first time. I will using it as a styling products for twist-outs, braid-outs etc. 
  • African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Leave-in Conditioner (₦ 2,200) - I have been on the hunt for a truly moisturising leave-in conditioner. I tried Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner but (in case you did not know) It  I bought this to improve  my hair's moisture retention and protein-moisture balance.
  • Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Creamy Lotion (₦2,800) - I tried it once before and my hair really loved it. I have noticed that products made for natural hair are awesome on my hair. I would have replaced it earlier but the price was like double at the store I bought the first from. My hair has not been retaining moisture long enough, I remembered it and found it at a very reasonable price on Yay!
  • Now Foods Grapeseed Oil (₦ 3,150) - This is also a new product in my stash. It's been on my wishlist for a while because of its high ceramide content. I will be using this as a sealant and as an addition to my deep conditioners. 

Alberto vo5

Left to right as pictured ( Products bought at a local supermarket)
  • Alberto VO5 Herbal Escapes Free Me Freesia with aloe extract Moisturising Conditioner  (N600).
  • Alberto VO5 Tea Therapy BlackBerry SageTea Revitalizing Conditioner (N600).
  • Alberto VO5 Herbal Escapes Sun Kissed Raspberry with chamomile extract Balancing Conditioner (N600).
I use V05 conditioners in my pre-poo mix, co- washing and rinsing out henna.

Hopefully, my hair will love them all especially the new additions. So so so, fingers crossed for money well spent.

Catch y'all later beauties!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

WashDay Post: Theme - Dry Scalp Remedy

Hair wash day

I've not been up to to much with my hair. After my last protective style, I've been using a wig. Wigs help me reduce manipulation to my hair and my ends will be well protected. Wigs also give me have great access to my scalp and hair daily. I either put my hair in cornrows or calabar braids (single braids) when using wigs.
Handmade wig
Wig, Handmade by me

I kept the cornrows in for 2 weeks. During this period, I co-washed once with VO5 Kiwi Lime Clarifying Conditioner and deep conditioned twice with Megagrowth profectiv daily leave-in strengthener. I noticed rapid moisture loss from my hair despite my moisturising and sealing. This is probably because I don't have a moisturising leave in conditioner currently. I plan to fix this ASAP, by buying a moisturising leave-in, and my favourite lotion moisturiser - Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Creamy Lotion.
Pre-poo: In line with this week's #washdayexperience theme, I added few drops of Estella Pride Peppermint Oil and Tropic Isle JBCO (Rosemary) to my pre-poo mix . Peppermint oil, Rosemary oil and castor oil are known for alleviating dry/itchy scalp among other benefits they possess. The base of my mix was Organics Hair Mayonnaise. I  also added a tablespoon each of Estella Pride Vitamin E. oil and Estella Pride Vegetable Glycerin for added moisture. I pre-pooed for about 20 mins with heat ( I used the electric heating cap I got recently).

Shampoo: I used Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine Sulphate-free Shampoo and lathered twice using warm water. I then wrapped my hair in a cotton tshirt for about two minutes absorb excess water.
Creme of nature moisture and shine sulphate-free shampoo
Deep conditioner: The deep conditioner for this washday was Aussie 3 Minutes Miracle Deep Conditioner. I applied it generously to my hair, especially my new growth. I covered my hair with cling-film and used the electric heating cap for just 10 minutes. I then rinsed my hair with cold water and t-shirt-dried for about 45 minutes.
Aussie 3 minutes miracle deep conditioner

Leave-in Conditioner/Styling: I divided my hair into about 6 sections and applied Megagrowth Profectiv Daily Leave-in Strengthener, my oil mix and HairvolutionbyBee Whipped Shea Butter to each section. I detangled and put my hair into 18 single braids. I'm still wigging and I moisturise and seal with Luster's S.curl activator moisturizer once in two days. I also oil my scalp with JBCO + Tea tree oil + peppermint oil + Vitamin E oil using my root applicator bottle twice a week to prevent dryness.
Leave-in conditioner

HairvolutionbyBee Whipped Shea Butter 
This Washday was a breeze and I could not believe my luck. Normally, at 11 weeks post relaxer touch-up, my arms would be achy and sore from detangling and unravelling knots. This relaxer stretch is going so well. I pray it continues this way.

Anyway, how was your last washday and how do you prevent dry/itchy scalp? What works for you? Please share by dropping a comment below.

The Wash Day Experience
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