Thursday, 24 March 2016

Henna Washday - #WashDayExperience

My last washday was also my henna day. 
Here is a brief recap:

I used Nupur Henna this time unlike the unbranded one I've been using. I got Nupur Henna from Sizzelle @ N800. I decided to try it because of the 8 additional herbs it has in it. I mixed and prepared the whole satchet the same way I did here

While waiting for dye release, I prepooed with V05 Herbal Escapes Sun Kissed Raspberry with Chamomile Extract Balancing Conditioner + A tablespoon of Tropic Isle JBCO (Rosemary) + A tablespoon Estella Pride Vegetable Glycerin + A tablespoon Now Foods Grapeseed Oil + drops of peppermint oil.

My Pre-poo Mix 

It was also the washday for clarifying, so I washed with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo, lathered twice. I had the intention of doing a last lather with Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine Sulphate-free Shampoo to restore some moisture. However, I got lazy and decided not to. Lol

I wrapped my hair in a cotton tshirt to absorb some moisture while I got my henna mix ready. I added Estella Pride Vegetable Glycerin and some Grapeseed Oil (I didn't measure just gauged), mixed it up till it was smooth. 

I put on an old tshirt, applied vaseline around the perimeter of my hair and snapped on my gloves. I applied the henna mix using my method of starting in the middle and rolling into a bun until I have a huge bun. I especially love this method because it keeps the henna from drying out and becoming crumbly, it's less messy, it keeps henna off my neck and face since no hair is hanging down. 

I left the henna in for about 4 hours and rinsed it out quite easily. I used cowashed with V05 Herbal Escapes Sun Kissed Raspberry with Chamomile Extract Balancing Conditioner till the rinse water ran clear. 

I tshirt-dried and applied Aussie 3 Minutes Miracle Deep Conditioner to my hair. It was quite late (I started the whole process around 1 pm in the afternoon) and I was exhausted. Hence, I deep conditioned overnight.

I rinsed the following morning with cold water and tshirt-dried. My hair felt soooo nice, strong yet soft. I kept running my fingers through. I'm in love with henna, really. 

I worked in small sections because I was 14 weeks post and tangles and knots are inevitable. I applied African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Leave-in Conditioner, sealed with Grapeseed Oil, finger - detangled  and blow-dried with cool air using tension method. After blow-drying, I applied a little Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Creamy Lotion to each section and detangled with my wide-toothed comb. Detangling wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. Yipee! I oiled my scalp and put my hair into 6 cornrows and under the wig they went.

leave-in conditioner
hair moisturiser

I had a couple of knots and few tangles but nothing my fingers couldn't tackle. I didn't even need to grab my Mane n Tail Detangler. I'm getting better at this relaxer stretching game. Normally, relaxer touch-up day would be anytime soon but I think I'll keep going as far as my hair can take it. I had this washday last week, so I'm currently 15 weeks post.

texlaxed hair
Detangled Hair

short wig
Still rocking my short wig!

I will definitely use Nupur Henna again. I loved the results. What's your favourite henna brand?

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  1. How do you like the Shea Butter miracle leave-in?

    1. I love it so far. Good first impressions. Will use it for a little while and do a review

  2. Did you notice any change in the color of your hair with this henna application? Do you usually use your henna on freshly washed hair? Most of the henna applications that I've seen--they do it on dry unwashed hair.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @

    1. Thanks KLP. i definitely noticed a change in colour. My previously grey strands are now quite red. I always use my henna on freshly shampooed hair. If I ever decide to it on unwashed hair, i would lightly mist my hair with water to dampen. I believe henna sticks to damp hair more easily, hence less mess.


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