Thursday, 31 March 2016

Simple Hair Regimen for Beginners (Relaxed or Natural)

The hair regimen below is simply a guideline. You can modify and tweak it to suit your hair and schedule. Ladies just starting their healthy hair journey especially should find this helpful.


  • Moisturise and seal
  • Sleep with your hair covered with a satin/silk cap, bonnet or scarf. Silk/ Satin pillowcase is also a cool alternative
  • Oil and massage your scalp (This could also be done just thrice a week)
Satin Scarf;  Source 
Satin Cap/Bonnet ; Source 


  • Prepoo/Hot oil treatment
  • Shampoo (preferably sulphate-free shampoo)
  • Deep Condition ( Moisturising deep conditioner or light protein deep conditioner)
  • Use leave-in conditioner
  • Detangle ( use wide-toothed comb)
  • Air dry and style

hair tool


  • Clarify
  • Protein treatment  (Medium)
  • Dust your ends (cut 0.5 inches or less)

  • Hard protein treatment
  • Relaxer/Texlax touch-up for ladies with relaxed or texlaxed hair
      *relaxer/texlax touch-ups should be at least 12 weeks apart
  • Hair trimming (0.5 inches or more)
It is important to keep your hair regimen as simple as possible. This will make it easier for you to be consistent. As you continue on your hair journey, you will get to understand your hair better. You can then incorporate things like tea rinses, co- washing etc. Better knowledge of your hair can also affect your hair regimen scheduling. For example, I have met ladies that discovered their hair thrives better when they wash less often (about once in 3 weeks. Some other wash their hair about twice a week.

What is your hair regimen like?



  1. I have realised that a good regimen helps in knowing your hair and also what your hair likes.

    1. so true. you are very right. a solid regimen is a first step in getting to know one's hair.

  2. I agree with you, better to start simple and add stuff than to have a complicated regimen and you don't know what works for you


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