My Regimen


  • Moisturise and Seal
  • Oil scalp and massage especially the               edges (I do this every other day                       sometimes) 
  • use satin bonnet/satin pillowcase                     when going to bed


  • Prepoo using oil mix or oil + rinse-out conditioner + essential oils or deep conditioner  (on days I'm too tired or pressed for time)
  • Wash with sulphate-free shampoo using warm water
  • T.shirt dry for 5 mins and deep condition using a moisturising deep conditioner or a mild protein conditioner. Sometimes especially if prepoo was a moisturising deep conditioner I just use a rinse-out conditioner
  • T.shirt dry, apply oil mix, leave-in conditioner and/or moisturiser 
  • Air-dry/blow dry in sections with cool air using tension method 
  • Thoroughly detangle using fingers and wide-tooth comb and set protective style for the week


  • Clarify using a sulphate shampoo 
  • protein deep conditioner followed by moisture deep conditioner 
  • Henna treatment 

  • Tea rinses ( as needed based on amount/rate of shedding)
  • Relaxer touch-ups 12 weeks - 16 weeks
  • Hard protein treatments  (usually just a week or two before touch-ups)
  • Trimming (after touch-ups)
  • dusting (depending on how ends are looking and amount of split ends)

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