Monday, 26 September 2016

My Hair Length Progress So Far....

Hi guys, I didn't take a length check picture persay after my last texlax touch-up. This is because I'm waiting till December before straightening my hair. However, I've been doing "measurement length checks" and recording in my hair diary. I stretch out my hair in sections, record with a tape measure and record.


Check out the trend!
I retained roughly 2 inches from my 16-week stretch. I had less than in some sections though. Unfortunately, I lost a lot 0f the retained length because I didn't like the way my ends looked. My hair tends to grow into a "V" shape but I prefer U shape. I might just keep trimming my hair to maintaong it's current length. Nothing is set in stone yet though... fingers-crossed.

Relaxed hair
2 weeks before touch-up
Texlaxed hair
Post-trim Hair
That's all for now guys. How is your hair doing? Catch y'all soon



  1. Nice results, Bee. Do you use an app to track your length progress?

    1. Thank you Uzo. Yes I do use an app. Here's the link for the android version. take a look at "The Hair Diary - Free"

      I don't know if it's available in apple store

  2. Love how much body your hair has.

  3. Coming from Bellanaija. Where is your office in ile-ife so I can pay a visit.I stay in Ilesha

    1. Hello, We are at Shop 6, Block 19, Zone C, New Central Market, O.A.U. Ile-Ife. 08141112536
      we look forward to having you


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