Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tips For Starting A Successful Healthy Hair Journey

Photo courtesy: Andrew Ridley 

This post is a guide for newbies to healthy hair care or those that are still trying to decide if to start the healthy hair journey or not. To start with, taking better care of your hair should not really be an option. It's what every female should naturally do. In fact I would rather call it healthy hair lifestyle than healthy hair journey. Calling it a journey might imply that it would end at some point. Even God wants us to take great care of our hair. The scriptures refers to a woman's hair as her glory. When something is your glory and pride you don't treat it shabbily or with a nonchalant attitude but with a lot of care. You would nurture it, not hide it away under a weave or cornrows or wigs without washing for months. You would attend to its needs, and handle with care. Whatever state you decide to wear your hair in; Natural, relaxed / texlaxed; short/long; straight/curly, the important thing is to keep your mane healthy.

Now that you have decided to take better care of your hair. It might seem daunting and like a lot to take on, but be assured that if some people are doing it, you can do it too. Below are some tips that should help you begin and transition you smoothly into a great healthy hair journey:
Make a decision and stand firm: Decide to take better care of your hair for better for worse. Just like in life, on your HHJ there would be highs and lows and what will keep you going is your determination.

Keep Going!

Thirst for knowledge: All through your HHJ, especially at the beginning, you would have to learn and unlearn things. There are things you have always believed that are actually mere myths. You would also need to change your mindset about certain things. For example, "African hair cannot grow long". There are loads of things to learn on the internet. Google is your friend, YouTube is also your ally.

Knowledge is Power

Patience: It's a journey not magic. Patiently nuture your hair, don't expect your hair to grow from ear length to Bra-strap length within a month. Set realistic goals. You will get to find out that averagely, hair grows about half of an inch per month. So focus on the health of your hair, the length will definitely follow.

Pick hair mentors: Look out for ladies you can relate to (either with similar hair type or on a similar journey - natural/relaxed/texlaxed) that have been on HHJ for a while. You can draw  from their wealth of experience, successes and setbacks. Their achievements can also inspire you and help you believe you can do it too! However, please do not give in to the temptation to compare. Just as you are unique, your hair is too.

Take a starting picture: Photos speak really. The starting picture will help to show you how far you have come. You might look in the mirror and think your hair is not growing, but take a picture and compare with your starting picture, you will be amazed at the progress you have made.

Build a personalised hair regimen: Take samples of regimen from your hair mentors, then develop a regimen that would work for you. Put your schedule among other things into consideration.

Don't be a product junkie: Try not to buy every product you read a review about. Using so many products at the same time will make it difficult for you to identify the product(s) your hair prefers. Using a lot of products at the same time may adversely affect your hair and your bank account (LOL!).  Start with the basics, and as you progress in your journey you will get to know the products your hair loves.

Document your HHJ: Keep a hair diary. It will help you keep track of the products you use and other hair related activities. The hair diary will also help you detect products or activities that affect your hair positively or negatively. Check this one out.

Documentation is Key

Lastly, make sure you enjoy your journey and have fun. It's just hair and getting to know your hair better should be exciting and adventurous not serious and boring.

Fun All the Way !!!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask in the  comments section.

A post on regimen building should come up soon.

Catch ya!



  1. How do you keep your new growth moisturized?

    1. I spray Luster's S.curl activator moisturiser

  2. Great post Bee! I wish I read something like this when I started off, especially on the product junkiness.

    1. Thanks Becca. Lol yea. Product junkiness is a tough one to handle. Even when you know. But one has to realise it's more about the process than the products and what works for others might not work for you.

  3. It's easy to tell if you have healthy hair. There are signs such as does it have good shine? Is it thick or long?
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