Monday, 15 February 2016

Style Post: Quick and Easy Updo Protective Style

Hello dearies!
I thought to share with you all the protective style I rocked last week. I decided to go for a style that would keep my ends tucked away since my previous hair style (Twist-out) left my ends hanging and rubbing on my shoulders/clothes. A video I had watched on Black Hair Information came to mind. I searched for it, watched and decided to try to replicate it.

Trust me, it was easy-peasy, took me about 10 minutes including the time it took to twist up the extensions. I used about one and a half pack of Xpressions extensions. I will definitely do this again, I loved the fact that my ends were nicely tucked away. Please watch the video below if you would love to try it.

5 minutes  $5 Updo Protective Style - ChimereNicole

My Take 

So ladies, How did I do? Did I do a good job of replicating the style?

See ya soon!


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