Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Harmattan Hair Regimen

Hello darlings,

Christmas is just around corner, Yay! I love this time of the year. The only thing I don'tlive about this time of the year is the harmattan that comes with it. And mind you not because of the cold but the dust and dryness. The air is so dry and dusty. The dry air leads to dry skin and dry hair by sucking out the moisture in them. That is why I  have decided to modify my hair regimen to suit the season.

  • Regular deep conditioning sessions with moisturising deep conditioners majorly. I will only use protein deep conditioner once in 6 weeks or based on how my hair feels.
  • Daily moisturising and sealing, I normally moisturise and seal once in two days and some times I even slack off. This is not the time for being lazy with moisturising and sealing.
  • Heavy butters, I usually moisturise and seal with my oil mix but I will be using the  L.O.C. (liquid.oil.cream) method this harmattan. Sealing with oil alone will not suffice to keeping the moisture in, hence the L.O.C. method. Liquid - Luster's S.curl curl activator moisturizer, Oil - My oil mix, Cream - Hairvolutionbybee whipped shea butter. +2348141112536/7BE9F0DF if you are in South West Nigeria and need a jar.
  • Wigging it, Protective styling is compulsory this season. The ends of the hair especially should always be protected. I have decided to keep all my hair protected by using wigs. All the wigs I will be using are handmade by me.                        
I will be rocking this for the next 3/4 weeks
Hair used: Xpressions Quatro 4 in 1 Ruby
Holla if you are Nigeria and You'd want me to make one for you.  +2348141112536/7BE9F0DF

  • Co-washing, I will be co-washing more frequently than before. Normally I'm a shampoo girl but this season I'll co-wash anytime I notice my hair is to dry before my normal washday and L.O.C. can't fix it. 
These are the major changes to my regimen that i will be embracing this dry season. Ladies, what changes/modifications  have you made to your hair regimen to suit the  season (Winter/Harmattan) ? I Would love to hear from you.


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