Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Crochet box braids take-down + Relaxer prep wash day

I had the crochet box braids on for 25 days, 4 days longer than I planned but I was so busy that I just didn't have the time. Immediately I started taking the braids down I became apprehensive of the wash day. Geez the tangles were crazy! my new growth were matted all over especially in the middle. This matting always happens whenever I keep a protective style in for 3 weeks or more especially deep into my relaxer stretch. By the way I washed my hair once while the crochet box braids were in. Anyway I faced my fear head-on, not like I had a choice. LOL. I thoroughly and gently detangled with Mane n Tail detangler (which I haven't had to use in a while).

This last wash day was my relaxer prep washday and here's is how it went down:

  • Prepooed with ORS replenishing conditioner because of the amazing slip it has. The prepooing session lasted for about an hour.
  • I then Shampooed in the sections  (about 6 sections) I had created before prepooing. I used ORS creamy aloe shampoo, lathered once and then Creme of nature moisture and shine sulphate-free shampoo to restore some moisture while still cleaning the hair.
  • I wrapped my hair in a cotton tshirt to absorb excess water. 
  • I then sprayed aphogee two step protein treatment onto each section and then rolled each section into bantu knots.
  • I then dried the hair as per the instructions using my blow dryer on medium heat. ( i was careful not to agitate while drying and when it was dry)
  • I went back to into the shower, saturated my hair till it was soft and then rinsed out the protein treatment.
  • I decided to use aussie 3 minutes miracle deep conditioner instead of the aphogee balancing moisturiser. I left it in for about 7 minutes and rinsed out with cool water.
  • I tshirt-dried for 30 mins 
  • I oiled my scalp with my oil mix using my root only applicator bottle, applied megagrowth profectiv daily leave-in strengthener and sealed with fantasia ic hair polisher carrot growth serum.
  • I blow-dried with cool air using tension method in sections and i detangled each section. 
Despite the care and thorough pre-wash detangling and washing in sections, I still had so many knots in my hair. Post wash detangling took me about 3 hours...sigh. My hair could be so naughty when I'm deep into a relaxer stretch.

     Texture shot after deep conditioning

I'm currently 17 weeks post and I'm planning to do my relaxer touch-up on Friday, 4/12/15. Yippee! can't wait. So I just threw my hair into a simple bun.

How do manage your hair deep into your relaxer stretch? I salute transitioning ladies.

The Wash Day Experience


  1. You have a lot of new growth .

  2. I currently have in crotchet braids and for fear of matting i wont go beyond 3 weeks which will be this weekend. Do you have less shedding with crotchet braids than with regular braids?

    1. Not going beyond 3 weeks is a good idea and yes I have noticed less shedding with crotchet braids than regular box braids. I suspect it's because crotchet braids don't pull (tight) on the roots/scalp


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