Monday, 17 October 2016

Style Post: My Protective Styles August till Date

Hi darlings,

I decided to do this post because I have not been putting up wash day or style posts. You might not really know what I've been upto with my after my unravelled crochet braids and texlax update. I get bored easily with my hairstyles, so I tend to change them pretty often if I can. Here is a recap of my protective styles between August and now.

diy wig
DIY Full Fringe Wig
single cornrow updo
Single Cornrow Updo
protective style on relaxed hair
cornrows on relaxed hair
Simple cornrows
Crochet senegalese twists, Senegalese twists, xpression hair, xpression crochet twists, xpression nike
Crochet twists (used 3 packs of X-pression Nike)
relaxed hair updo, texlaxed hair
Frohawk in the making
Frohawk (My current protective style)
That's it guys! Any particular style you fancy?


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